Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Work

My solo show in July and August at the Adirondack Mountain Club headquarters in Lake George, New York has inspired me to create pieces more realistic than what I usually do and that are reflective of our beautiful surroundings.
My camera goes with me when hiking or on morning walks and the photos have become the basis for a new series of work. The combination of photography, painting, and stitching has endless possibilities whether bound in the traditional quilt manner, mounted on gallery wrapped canvas, or framed.
I have years of photos to choose from, so many in fact, that I have to periodically burn them to CDs just to keep the computer from groaning under the load. And that's after deleting a lot of them! They are divided in to categories such as trees, leaves, flowers, rocks, architecture, etc. Some really niggle at me to play with them. So many pictures, so little time!
This picture of baby leaves unfurling is one of the latest in my new series of small pieces that will be at the Adirondack Mountain Club Gallery.


  1. That's beautiful, Jo. Post some more, please.

  2. Joanna -- The painting and the stitching are incredible! Your talent always inspires me -- I love the way your creative mind works in ways I would have never thought of myself. Bless you!


  3. Yes please, I'd like to see more! This piece is fabulous!