Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the Spirt of Degas: Art Inspired by Music

Ask the members
of the ARTAA.
They'll all
tell you I
keep saying,
like the
New York
Lottery ads,
"You can't win
if you don't play." So I trotted myself off to take "Rouge et Noir" the Lower Adirondack Arts Council's Lapham Gallery to enter the upcoming exhibit, In the Spirit of Degas: Art Inspired by Music. The email came today telling me that not only had Rouge et Noir been accepted, it won second place in the exhibit. Needless to say, I'm a happy camper.

Would they have given me second place if they knew that:

1. The background of Rouge et Noir is acrylics on the Brawny paper towels that I used to clean up my palette and brushes.
2. The batting is paper shop towels.
3. The bottom section is a paper towel from the restaurant atop the sky tower in San Antonio. They were so big, soft and yummy that I scarfed a couple and stuck them in my purse. Ye gads! I'm a paper towel thief!
4. The sheer columns are fiberglass sheet rock tape painted with acrylics. ????

Guess I'll just go to the opening on August 14 and see if anyone is on to me! Grin.