Friday, April 9, 2010

What's Your Favorite Color?

"What's your favorite color today?" the granddaughters ask. They've discovered that some days I like blue best, some days yellow or pink or navy with a touch of purple. Some people like one color consistently all day, every day, and live with those colors in their houses and wear their favorite color often. I get bored with just one color. There are so many glorious colors, how could I choose the same one day after day? It must have started with those big boxes of crayons my Mom bought me. Some days an endless number of greens dance in the leaves, grass, and plants. Some days the color of the morning sky is just so beautiful it outshines other colors all day. Some days the blue of the sky is just heartbreaking in its transparent glow. How could anyone resist the blush of pink on an apple blossom?
It was a brown day and with a little brown paint left to use up, and big piece of fabric, another color had to run around on the fabric with the brown. This "critical" decision gets made by staring at the jars and tubes until one jumps up and screams, "Me! Me! Pick Me!" There's not a whole lot deliberation that goes into making the color choices. It's more like, "Yeah, this will work". So the fabric ended up with browns, reds, and a little orange.
What will I do with this fabric? Who knows. It will go in the pile under the table with the other painted canvas and one day, when brown or red is my favorite color, it will find it's way
onto the design wall. Hopefully the fabrics on the design will play well together and I'll end up with "something" I can collage together and cover with stitching. Maybe tomorrow my favorite color will be violet. Who knows where that may lead!